AICTU meeting March 2019 - Copy





Arab Information and Communication Technologies Union (AICTU)  is an Arab civil society organization affiliated with Arab associations and institutions who are active in any of the Arab countries in the ICT sector.




Arab ICT Union (AICTU) is a non-profit organization that will keep expanding to be a leader in harnessing ICT toward the broad-based development needs of local communities at the Arab region. Recognizing the opportunities that exist for cooperation, the pooling of resources, and the sharing of best practices, an alliance was formed linking the preeminent ICT industry associations from the region’s key ICT producing countries. This alliance – the Arab Union, was formed in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2018. Founding members include the ICT associations of Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Kuwait. Followed by Palestine, Lebanon, and Tunisia who have joined the organization, bringing the total number of members to 8 countries. 

AICTU was formed with the belief and determination that it will accelerate the process of development in the Arab countries since it links the most prominent ICT associations of the region together.

As a uniting platform of the Arabic ICT , AICTU establishing a clear vision of IT in the region, overcoming barriers, initiating projects and events, and providing coordination and cooperation between the members.

This will help the Arab world grab its endless ICT opportunities to improve development whether social, economic, political, or other in the very near future.