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All AICTU member to be a working, interested or specialized in the field of technology and information


To apply for the membership it's required the following documents.

  • The membership form, which is considered a decision by the board of directors of the association, union, organization or corporation in the country and the Secretary-General must verify that the application fulfills the conditions for joining to the Union.
  • A copy of the articles for association union, or a copy of the commercial register for the institution, or a technology company requesting for the membership in the Union should submit a statement of the date of incorporation and the name of each president in the associations, or the executive director for institutions and companies, the secretary in the associations or the general manager for institutions and companies. Also, the number of  the members  and employees working for them.
  • Membership applications are subject to the prior approval from the Board of Directors.
  • Individual and honorary membership is issued upon an invitation and decision from the Board of Directors only.
  • Membership is considered valid from the date of approval from the Board of Directors on the joining application. The association, institution, or the companies newly joined to the Union must inform the General Secretariat immediately upon its announcement of accepting its membership with its representatives in the Union and paying the annual membership fees.

All membership applications are subject to research by the Union's General Secretariat, which in turn submits its recommendations to the Federation’s Supreme Council in the first meeting, following the date of receiving the completed membership application.

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